The Secular Student Alliance at the University of Arizona was founded in the fall of 2012 by freshman Jessi Draper. It is the only officially recognized club on campus for atheist and other nonreligious students.

With over 40 religious clubs at the University of Arizona, the Secular Student Alliance is the only organization on campus that serves the interests and needs of nontheist students.

Our weekly meetings consist of a various activities such as guest speakers and member-led presentations providing thoughtful discussions about important topics related to religion, nonreligion, and secularism. Outside of our meetings we host a number of social events including hikes, movie nights, and our weekly post-meeting hang outs at the Scented Leaf or Cafe Luce. In addition to our regular meetings and social events, the SSA also hosts public events out on the UA Mall such as Brother Jed Bingo and Send an Atheist to Church. These events serve as fundraising opportunities as well as awareness-raising campaigns. Service will continue to have an increased role in the SSA.

At the University of Arizona, the SSA’s overall mission is to

  • provide a welcoming, safe, and friendly community for nonreligious students
  • educate others on campus about atheism and nonreligion to eliminate hurtful stereotypes and increase understanding and acceptance
  • promote skepticism and encourage the critical examination of religion and faith
  • give back to local communities through service and volunteer work
  • advocate the establishment of a secular government

The Secular Student Alliance at the University of Arizona is an affiliate of the national Secular Student Alliance. The national Secular Student Alliance is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit founded in 2000 that aims to organize and empower secular, nonreligious students from around the country.

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